FIVE1 - essence of quality



FIVE1 is a „consulting boutique“ that puts the focus on the individual in every customer, staff member and partner, on their respective needs and demands, wishes and goals. As a company FIVE1 offers a fair marketplace and the willingness to always be accountable to the people we work with. We believe that this is the only way to deliver the "ESSENCE OF QUALITY".

We do not make promises we cannot keep. It is not our goal to generate the best next quarter. We could easily step onto the market and, like so many others, proclaim to be perfect at just about anything. However, we do not mind to admit if this is not the case. We play with our cards on the table. And we dispose of a network of qualified partners to help us overcome any obstacle. Long-term and reliable relationships are what we work for.

FIVE1 works horizontally and process-oriented across all functions, business areas, departments and countries. In a vertical system there is little space for suppliers and customers as they stand outside the company. We at FIVE1 make multiplication our main structural principle. This means combining the resources of our internal and external networks to create new offers for our customers.

Being able to take responsibility is a central element to a successful project, internally as well as externally. Team work allows us to share this responsibility. As long as everyone involved relates to being responsible for their individual assignment and accepting the challenges, success will come automatically. This principle is well alive in the FIVE1 structure. We do not need a maestro. It is our team alone that performs the perfect symphony.